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The Catherine

"I am one of those people who love the why of things." -Catherine The Great I am one of those people - I love the process, I love the how and the why! I've started adding these blogs posts to share my why.  Share the people behind each and every shape! I probably overthink every decision related to my business, but the name for this shape was one of the first shapes I named.  The Catherine!  

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The Luanne

"A good friend knows all your best stories, but a best friend has lived them with you"   -Unknown The Luanne is the best friend of earrings...

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The Shirley

If people stand in a circle long enough, they'll eventually begin to dance. - George Carlin My friend Shirley was a woman who could make you dance! Her eyes danced with mischief every day. I met Shirley at my first "real" job...

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