The Catherine

The Catherine

"I am one of those people who love the why of things."

-Catherine The Great


I am one of those people - I love the process, I love the how and the why! I've started adding these blogs posts to share my why.  Share the people behind each and every shape! I probably overthink every decision related to my business, but the name for this shape was one of the first shapes I named.  The Catherine!  

Originally, The Catherine was named for my great Aunt Catherine, but over the last year I have come to know and love a friend's daughter.  She is a first little chick just like my Aunt Catherine!  I remember my aunt so clearly, as a red-headed force of a woman.  She was a wonderful person and I can still hear her laugh.  I remember visiting her home. Staring at her birds, sitting on a little two seater sofa in a sun room just off the kitchen talking. She was a force  - there is a newspaper article written about the time she took down some intruders to her home! She was amazing.

My new Catherine, is a force as well.  She is one of the biggest supporters of my brand!  I can always reach out to her for unhesitating advice on what to name a collection and she always has opinions on what shapes look best.  She is little but she loves big and loves the bigger earrings.  She has even painted her own painting that I turned into little clip-on earrings.

The Catherine shape embodies these women - it is a classic teardrop shape that is seen in petite and long versions, sometimes layered and sometimes on its own. It is a shape that you will see in many other leather collections, but the paintings make every pair unique and something that you won't see on anyone else!


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