The Shirley

If people stand in a circle long enough, they'll eventually begin to dance.

- George Carlin

My friend Shirley was a woman who could make you dance! Her eyes danced with joy - and mischief - every day.

I met Shirley at my first job - an internship that turned into my first "real" job.  Shirley was my favorite person to see every day.  She was the one that brought out the non-stop giggles.  She was the one that stood with me holding hands and wide eyed as a nasty wind sheer tore through the street in front of our building (yes, we should have been in the closet!) She was the one that made me leave and go home when deadlines make work crazy.  She was the one that made sure I used my vacation days.  She was the one who split my lunches. 

Shirley made me laugh.  Shirley kept me sane.  She was a co-worker, and she was a friend.  She made my days better.

We all have a "Shirley" in our lives.  Who is your Shirley?  Does just the thought of her bring a smile to your face? 

The Shirley is a circle - a happy shape, a complete shape, the shape that doesn't have a beginning or end, the shape that makes you want to dance!!



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