The Luanne

The Luanne

"A good friend knows all your best stories, but a best friend has lived them with you"   -Unknown

The Luanne is the best friend of earrings - just long enough to be fun, light enough to hang out with all day and with a pop of color that always makes you look good!

My Luanne is my bestie, my confidant, my rock! She is “my let’s grab a quick lunch and brainstorm this marketing plan”.  She’s the one I call when I need help making a decision. We are on the same time schedule, that’s us rolling up together a few minutes late. She is also the one that borrow all my clothes and lends me hers! Luanne is the one that calls before a girls weekend to pack extra clothes. I can count on her to my favorite thing to drink, and  to make sure the snacks are healthy ... and a little naughty!

These earrings are just that -- a little healthy and a little naughty! They are lightweight and bold and colorful with a splash of metal t give them a playful edge! When you toss in a little leather they totally rock!  These earrings can take you from office to a night out on the town, just like my Luanne!

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