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Sour Grass Sunset - The Sandy (Studs)

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10mm studs - one set of hand painted studs and one pair of coordinating studs. 

Why Sour Grass Sunset?

Yellows, coral, metallic bronze with hints of white lacing and Carolina blue make the original painting in to Sour Grass Sunset.  I asked on social media what to name this painting and so many names popped up! So many wonderful name - lots of people saw sunsets and the fire in the sun. A long time friend saw a sour grass field in the Sunset and even included a photo - that hit perfectly with me.  There is a sour grass field very close to my home and she is exactly right during a sunset the colors change.  It is also perfect for this time of year - when spring is coming in and the weather hit just right.

Can be paired with yellow, corals, pale blues - and works perfectly with anything from a spring dress to your favorite lounge wear.