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Pink Champagne Celebrations (petite)

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Perfect for anyone who wants a little non-traditional Christmas bling.

On silver nickel-free hooks.  

Why Pink Champagne? 
Does anyone else know the classic movie that the actors are brought together by Pink Champagne?

It is a classic...I just want Deborah Kerr’s wardrobe.

The love story of An Affair to Remember is centered around Pink Champagne. In one of the very first scenes in the shipboard romance, Deborah Kerr tells Cary Grant how much she loves Pink Champagne. He admits that he likes it as well. The two then agree that their time together should be like Pink Champagne - fun, light, enjoyable.

These earrings are exactly fun, light and enjoyable! Mixed with Holiday fabrics - these make for the perfect combo. Pink, red, green, glitter and velvet. Oooo la la!