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Midnight Dip - Mamacita Shirley

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Wow!! Releasing so many earring this week - y'all wanna grab these up.

The Shirley is everyone's favorite simple shape.  The mamacita version is two interlocking circle (some with geometric additions).  They are an extra large version of the Shirley and probably my absolute favorite earrings at the moment.

These earrings are a mix of hand painted canvas and a beautifully textured white and silver leather (the backing is white felt).


What's the story Midnight Dip -

Taking a dip in an ocean blue pool in the night - I can still remember the nights as a kid when we ran out and hopped in the pool when it was dark.  Those night the air was cool and the water was warm, totally opposite from the normal pool feeling.

These earrings have all the blue of a pool with touches of white and black.  Perfect transition earrings - great for all things blue from the summer and those pops of black and the texture dress them right up for sweater weather.

Match them with just about anything blue, black, silver, white or I'd even toss them on with coral or pink.