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Dragon Fire - Split Shirley

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A new style of Shirley style earring - the circle and oval are split and joined with heavy weight rings.  One layer of hand-painted canvas and one layer of faux leather.

On a nickel-free hook - total length is over 2"

One-of-a-kind and lightweight. 

Why Dragon Fire?

Full of fire and smoke the original painting has sparkling metallic gold, blue, orange, red and just the right about of black.  The uncontrolled fluid motion of the painting is evident in every single part of the painting.  

There were so, so many amazing names tossed around for this painting - and each one encapsulated the painting.  From harvest moon to autumn fire, each name would be great!

Paired with metallic leather, black leather, gorgeous beads and more.  These earrings are very special, each one would make your fall outfits glow.