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Denim Blue - The Sandy (studs)

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10mm Silver Studs

Why Denim Blues?

I’ve often heard that “in the right denim a girl can conquer the world.”  And the same goes those these earrings - gorgeous denim blues, hints of silver, toile and a flannel plaid. These earrings are conquer the world style! They go with everything blue and some had a pop of black and pink.  Toss these earrings on go conquer your day.

A mix of hand painted earrings and custom designed faux leather.   The original painting is a mix of denim blue, royal blue, silver and hint of black - it is paired with some fun leather and polymer clay accents.  Royal blue toile leather and a pale flannel plaid blue leather round out this collection.  Perfect to wear in winter or spring.

Perfect to pair with you favorite pair of jeans!