Beachy Waves - Ocean Blue - The Mamacita Shirley - McRae Design

Beachy Waves - Ocean Blue - The Mamacita Shirley

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On wooden studs with nickel-free posts - total height is approximately 3.5”

Why Beachy Waves?

Beachy waves - the original paintings have soft, flowing paint that will remind you of all those beautiful waves.  Three paintings make up this small batch collection - one with sandy browns and coral, one with every blue of the Carolina sky and another featuring magenta and pink.  All of the painting have a puff of beautiful white lacing running throughout the paintings. 

Some silver, gold and rose gold and a mix of sizes and shapes.  There is something for everyone in this collection.

Pair with a flowing dress or jeans- you will be amazed at how many outfits these earrings will bring to live.