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Autumn Colors - The Frances

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Elegant and and simple - you won’t find a better pair to wear over and over again. 

On antique bronze hooks - total length is a little over 2.5”

Why Autumn Colors?

"Thy glory flames in every blade and leaf..." 

        From October by John Charles McNeill

The line from October describes perfectly those colors of flame - the rusts and mustards, browns and coppers.  This collection is part of those color and the textures of Autumn.  

I am a summer gal and often find it hard to fall for those colors of Fall, but these sing.  Maybe it is the textures playing off one another, but the original painting made me crave a drive along a curvy mountain road looking at all the color of Fall.

This collection plays with rusts and mustard, lots of texture with bronze and silvers. One a mix of metals too - some on gold, some on antique bronze and even a little glitter of silver.