Pros and Cons of Lightweight Earrings

Pros and Cons of Lightweight Earrings

One thing I hear most at events is...”these earrings are so lightweight!”  And they are! Being made of canvas and leather, accented with clay and wood makes these earrings light as a feather.  Lots of women love that McRae Design earrings are so very light and don’t pull on their ears.

My ears just cannot take the weight of a heavy earring.  I can wear them all day without a single thought or headache. I make the earrings light specifically so you can wear them all day long, day after day. 

While the fact that your barely know you have them on is wonderful - it also means you don’t know when you loose an earring. McRae Design earrings are so lightweight that they can get pushed out of your ear by a collar or scarf or even wind. It is so upsetting to lose an earring. 

I always recommend wearing the plastic backs that come with your earrings to avoid losing one.  If you lose, one just shoot us an email and we will do what we can to help you.  Every pair is one of a kind so we can’t guarantee a total match - but we will try.

Lightweight earrings are also a blessing for anyone with stretched holes from wearing heavy earrings. Lots of women love the wooden studs to cover stretched holes.  The great thing about McRae Design earrings is you don’t have to worry about these wonderful earrings stretching your holes.

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