Why Buying Handmade is So Important

Why Buying Handmade is So Important

I always feel so grateful every time you purchase from me.  Your purchases not only make me do a little happy dance but help me to continue to create another piece and more art.  Many of you purchase at markets or events and when you buy handmade you may think you are paying for a product as individual and unique as you.

You are actually paying for so much, much more! I wanted to take a moment to outline just a few of the things that your purchase pay for...

  • Time spent on design
  • Time spent searching for needed materials
  • Actual time on creation of the product
  • Time spent finishing and packaging the product
  • The effect to cleaning up the mess that I create painting and making earrings
  • Delivery or shipping fees
  • Hours of experimentation
  • Weeks and months of frustrations
  • Moments of pure joy
  • A part of my heart and soul

Your purchases are supporting my family, pups and the wonderful women who work with me.  I don’t get to say enough how grateful I am and all of the makers are markets are for you!

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